Printing encompasses a variety of techniques and approaches, giving it a wide ranging usage in art, science and industry. Despite common roots, those three perspectives do not often all crossover and the ‘Print in art, science and industry’ conference attempts to remedy that by bringing together key speakers from all three sectors to discuss their processes, the state-of-the-art and future outlooks. The scope will include a variety of print techniques, impact, non-impact printing and additive manufacturing, alongside other printing & physics-relevant topics such as coatings and colour theory - acting as a valuable introduction to and discussion of interdisciplinary collaboration within the field of print research.

Over two days, the conference will include a variety of speakers from the different sectors with the aim to bridge the gap between the different disciplines to help future collaborations. The conference is organised by the Printing and Graphic Science Group of the Institute of Physics.

Merck have kindly sponsored the drinks reception - "It is our 5th anniversary cooperating with University of the West of England. The first workshop about RGB at Bristol University was in October 2016. And we want to celebrate it a little bit with you."

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

31 October 2021

Registration deadline:

5 December 2021

Organised by the IOP Printing and Graphics Science Group

and Sponsored by Merck